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Hurricane Katrina Update

As many of us know, Hurricane Katrina has affected our community in ways which we could never have imagined.

While we are grateful to be alive, we mourn the loss of our friends, our families, our homes and our Parish. We all pray that we will be able to return to a vibrant and familiar community very soon.

To our many long time customers we thank you so very much for your past patronage. Our family has enjoyed serving you and we sincerely appreciate having had the opportunity to remain in this business successfully for the last 41 years. From the very first wedding we catered at the Chiffon Room in 1964, to the very last event held at the Tiffany Room on August 25, 2005 it has been our pleasure to be the first choice for the best events in St. Bernard Parish.

At this time, while we are optimistic that our Parish will recuperate from this tragedy, the reality is that our business probably will not. Structurally our building held out very well, however, the interior was entirely destroyed by floodwaters which reached to the ceilings of the main room and well into the balconies of the Plantation Room. All kitchens, bars, tables, chairs, coolers and equipment were completely lost. As well over a foot of mud and muck remained in the entire ground floor.

We hope that sometime in the future we will be able to rebuild and once again host events, but the reality is that this will take a very long time.

Once again, we thank everyone for your past patronage!


Craig Trentecosta & the entire Trentecosta family